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Cloud Hosting Beijing Telecom ( DX Top ) has the largest neutral Internet data center (IDC) in Asia. It has a collection of IDC colocation computer room resources and Telecom Telecom’s CDN network resources.

The main business: colocation, CDN, bandwidth lease and other services, covering Telecommunications, finance, education, public security, government, transportation, construction, and other fields. At the same time, it has been actively participating in the construction of Digital Beijing and Digital Olympics for many years.

It is the backbone of Beijing’s digital construction. As the backbone of the Beijing Municipal Government, Telecom has maintained close cooperation with the government and public security departments for many years, and actively participated in various informatization in Beijing. Construction. 

China Telecom has invested heavily in the construction of the Beijing Security Operation Service Center to undertake the socialized construction and operation of the city’s prevention and control network.

北京电信通 (DX Top) 拥有目前全亚洲规模最大的中立互联网数据中心(IDC),旗下集合了IDC主机托管机房资源和电信通帝联的CDN网络资源,主营:主机托管、CDN、带宽批租等业务,覆盖电信、金融、教育、公安、政府、交通、建筑、等各个领域。同时多年来一直积极参与数字北京、数字奥运的建设工作,是北京数字化建设的骨干,电信通作为北京市政府的骨干多年来一直与政府、公安部门保持密切合作,积极参与北京市各项信息化建设。电信通投巨资建设了北京安保运营服务中心,承担全市防控网的社会化建设运营服务工作。

Cloud Computing China
Cloud Computing China

Information About US – 关于我们

In order to implement the requirements of the central government on strengthening the management of the Internet industry and purifying the Internet environment, give full play to the traceability of the website sponsors and access locations of the Internet site record management, and better serve the key tasks of Internet management.

Combined with the current website Regarding the actual and facing new situations and new problems of the record management work, the Ministry recently issued the “Work Plan on Strengthening the Record Management of Internet Sites” to clarify, to improve the website record rate and the accuracy of website record information.


Partnering With International Hosting Providers

Beijing Telecom ( DX Top ) is in partnership with several international cloud hosting providers such as Cloud Hosting – Hupercloud. We provide provides the best cloud infrastructure for hosting providers.

北京电信(DX Top)与多家国际云托管提供商合作,例如 Cloud Hosting -Hupercloud。 我们为托管提供商提供最佳的云基础架构。

Cloud Hosting infrastructure

Cloud Hosting Services – 云托管服务

Our partners provide some of the best, cheap and fast hosting services.

1. Cloud Hosting Personal

Very suitable for personal websites, small businesses, organizational websites, and online stores. We also provide free hosting for social organizations, please contact us.

非常适合个人网站,小型企业,组织网站,在线商店。 我们还为社交组织提供免费托管,请与我们联系。

2. Cloud Hosting Business

For medium-sized online boutique enterprises, emerging companies, e-commerce, website applications or Android and iOS applications, cloud hosting business is a good solution.


3. Cloud Hosting Enterprise

Hupercloud provides enterprise hosting services for companies that need unlimited capacity, backed by complete and fast hardware, which can best ensure the greatest return on investment. Get 24/7 technical support from the WhatsApp group immediately.

Hupercloud 为需要无限容量的公司提供企业托管服务,并以完善,快速的硬件作为后盾,这些硬件可以最好地确保最大的投资回报。 立即从WhatsApp组获得24/7全天候技术支持。